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Blathanna Corten Steel Screen

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Our stunning Corten Steel screens are made to order and shipped to you in a partially weathered state. Ensuring they are unique to your environment the rusting process will continue in situ, absorbing the surrounding elements and reflecting your space in its coating.

NB - Non standard shipping item: please call 0141 2619409 for quote.


About Corten Steel

Corten Steel, also known as weathering steel, is a beautiful and tactile material. Extremely durable, it is perfect for use as fire containers, large planting and decorative art, while its versatility means it looks as at home in a country house garden as it does on an urban terrace. 

It starts life as blue steel, then over time & exposure to the elements develops a natural coating with a rich golden colour that looks fantastic in an outdoor setting. The weathering process begins immediately and continues for a period of time, usually 9-12 months dependant on climate and location. This process can be expedited by wiping off any residual surface oil left by the manufacturing process.
Once the weathering process is complete, the Corten Steel will have sealed & the natural coating the rust provides acts as protection from further corrosion. Your resulting product requires virtually no maintenance, becoming more beautiful as time passes.

The product you receive will be unweathered or partially weathered. During the weathering process the Corten Steel produces carbon run off and therefore potential staining to neighbouring materials such as decking or patios can occur.
The weathering process is integral to the product and as such we will not accept any responsibility for damage caused to surrounding materials as a result of carbon run off from Corten Steel products. 
Some of our Corten Steel products have small feet to lift them from the surface and allow air flow beneath, this can reduce the possibility of staining neighbouring material but care should still be taken with placement of the product.

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