Artificial Grass DIY Guide

Laying Artificial Grass on Concrete/Stone

5th Oct 2022

Overlaying an existing patio or concrete hardstanding with artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular. There is usually no need for a major dig or screeding work, as it’s quicker than landscapi … read more

How To Lay Artificial Grass

5th Apr 2022

Essential Tools & Our 4 Key Steps DIY or get a contractor in? Laying artificial grass can seem like a stretch for many; however, for the competent DIY’er with the right planning, a great artificial … read more

5 Steps to Joining/Seaming Artificial Grass

5th Apr 2022

For this guide, we will assume that all the preparation work has been completed for the installation. If you've missed them, you can read our How To Lay Artificial Grass guide. Tools Required … read more