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Balustrade Frequently Asked Questions

Will aluminium Balustrades corrode or rust?

Aluminium balustrades are considerable less susceptible to corrosion or rusting. Aluminium, is a resilient and exceptionally resistant material, it will not rust as time passes. It is an ideal material for outdoor installations.

Balustrades made with powder coated material, do they rust?

The aluminium balustrades are given a thick powder coat finish, which ensures a durable and long-lasting appearance, this coating offers several advantages:

  1. It protects the aluminium material from scratches, fading, and the elements.
  2. Custom colors or finishes can be added to the powder coating, allowing for a unique and stylish look.
  3. By opting for powder coating, fewer volatile organic compounds are released compared to other finishing methods, making it more environmentally friendly.
  4. The heated spray application of the powder coating ensures an even finish across all surfaces, without any drips or visible traces of application, resulting in a smooth and seamless appearance.

Can I have my aluminium balustrade in a non-standard colour?

Yes, Grass Yard balustrades come as standard in black & anthracite however we can powder coat them in almost any RAL code.

Can The Grass Yard balustrade system be installed on a balcony?

Indeed, the Grass Yard Balustrade system is ideal for decking, balconies, patios, porches, verandas, and can even be utilized for certain indoor purposes.

Can the balustrade be installed in concrete?

Yes, the Grass Yard Aluminium Balustrade is capable of being installed on concrete by utilizing fasteners specifically designed for concrete applications.

Do the balustrade gates come in different sizes?

We produce a standard balustrade gate 750mm wide, but if you need a different size, we can create a custom gate.

Do the aluminium balustrade gates come with the hinges and latch as standard?

Yes all grass yard gates come with gate hardware.

How do I clean my Grass Yard aluminium balustrade?

Cleaning is simply, mild soapy detergent is generally enough to get the job done for more stubborn stains a light pressure wash is ok.

How many designs of decorative balustrades are available?

As standard we offer 8 different designs, should you have something specific in mind we can work with you to create a bespoke design for your balustrade.

What are the advantages of aluminium balustrades over timber, composite etc?

Aluminium delivers the best combination of appearance, strength, and durability. Unlike other balustrade options we can create a truly unique style to suit each installation. Easy to assemble, and low maintenance, the powder coated finish will continue to retain its beauty for many years and is backed by our 25 year limited warranty.

What type of surfaces can The Grass Yard balustrade system be installed on?

Our balustrade system is versatile and can be easily installed on various surfaces such as wood, concrete, and composite materials. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to mount balustrades directly onto walls or onto existing wood posts and columns.

If I give you the measurements can you work out what balustrade is needed and quote?

Kindly send an email to info@thegrassyard.co.uk containing a preliminary sketch of your project and the measurements. Our team will compile a quotation for you based on this information.

Can The Grass Yard balustrade system be used on stairs?

 Yes our aluminium balustrade system can be used on stairs

What is the minimum height of a balustrade?

The Grass Yard ensures that all of their balustrades meet the height requirement of 1100mm as specified by UK building regulations.

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