Artificial Grass FAQ

Is an artificial lawn suitable for pets and children?

Yes, our full artificial lawn range is suitable for pets and children, its much more resilient than real grass, easy to clean, hypoallergenic and more comfortable for laying on.

Will my artificial lawn require maintenance?

Yes like any landscaping product there will be an element of maintenance required to keep your synthetic lawn in tip top condition, though it is a very low maintenance product, removing leaves in autumn, rinsing dog mess and brushing the pile may all be required from time to time.

Does The Grass Yard provide a guarantee?

Yes all of our artificial grasses and accessorises come with a guarantee.

Does artificial grass fade?

No, our full artificial grass range is UV stable, there will be no fading issues.

What to consider when buying artificial grass?

There are many factors to take into consideration when buying artificial grass, what will the garden be used for, who will be using the artificial lawn, how much sun if any does the area get, what condition is the current area in? This is by no means an exhaustive list, if you would like further advice on your specific project, just call with a little more info more than to help with.

What widths does artificial come in?

Our artificial grass range is available in 2, 4 & 5m widths, full roll lengths of 25 & 30m.

Do I have to use an artificial grass installer?

No if your a competent DIY'er and fancy tackling the project we are happy to advise along the way & have installation guides & FAQ's to help also.

How much will my artificial grass cost?

We have a broad range of artificial grasses to suit all budgets from £8.99 per m2.

Can you supply me with a sample of artificial grass?

Yes we can provide free artificial grass samples, available online or in store.

How long does it take for my artificial grass order to be delivered?

Your artificial lawn order can usually be delivered across Scotland within 1-2 working days the, England & Wales 2-3 working days, the islands may be different, for an accurate delivery schedule can email or call with postcode etc.

Is there a minimum order?

Be it an artificial grass order or even the accessories The Grass Yard do not apply a minimum order.

Does your artificial grass feel real?

The Grass Yard stock some the finest toe tickling artificial grasses on the market, feel free to pop into the showroom or request some free samples to put our artificial grasses to the bare foot test, you tell us how real it feels.

What about animal mess on artificial grass?

As part of the maintenance we would recommend rinsing and deodorizing areas to ensure no smells and keep the artificial grass in great condition, we supply artificial grass cleaner both a general cleaner and a pet specific product.

Guide to artificial grass, pile height, density, colour, orientation? This one could have a section all of it's own will try and be brief, Pile Height the size of the artificial grass blades and a lot is down to personal preference, the bigger the pile does not mean the better the grass, consider how the grass will be used a 50mm pile may not be suitable for playing football, but it would be really comfortable for lazing around on.

Density, this is often over looked but is arguably the most important factor, stitch rates, gauge, fibre thickness, Dtex all come into play, in layman terms the denser the artificial grass, generally the better the quality. This is why Pile Height is not the be all and end all, a short grass say 30mm can be much denser than say a 40mm meaning your getting a lot more per m2 for the short grass.

Orientation, ideally you want to have the artificial grass laid looking into the pile, if this is not possible due the size/shape of the garden then across the pile is ok. Looking into the back of the artificial grass pile is generally not how it should be laid, the exception may be front gardens often the home owner will choose to have the optimum view from the street to maximise kerb appeal.

What are the advantages of artificial grass?

How long have you got, no mud, no mess, no mowing, no stress, no pesticides, no herbicides, no watering when dry, no puddles when wet, no, weeds, no moss, no aeration, no scarifying, no more lawn care! Yes to using the grass all year round, yes the kids can play out without worrying there heading house bound,yes you can sell the lawn mower, yes you can forget the constant lawn care, yes you can save on water, yes you can relax on the weekend with an effortless garden from The Grass Yard!

Can I collect the artificial grass?

Yes all our artificial grass is cut on site and your welcome to collect.

Installation FAQ 

What can artificial grass be used for?

This one will really depend on your imagination, as artificial grass can be used outdoors or in the options are huge, bath mat, rug, door mat, upholster the outside furniture, great scratch pole for the cats, table runner, funky flip flop inserts, we done our car, display back drop, mobile phone case, decorative words and numbers, signs.

Can weeds grow through artificial grass?

Yes weeds can grow through artificial grass however with the correct installation this should not happen.

Can artificial grass be laid on any surface?

No for example you would not lay it straight on top of loose gravel however with the right preparation it can be laid on most surfaces.

How deep should an artificial grass base be?

The base depth will vary from site to site, a water logged clay based soil will require a deeper base and possibly additional drainage. As a minimum a 75mm base will be required for an artificial lawn installation.

What material should an artificial grass base be made up off?

The base should be a min 75mm made up of a 50mm base layer of MOT, Type 1 then a 25mm layer of granno under the grass, a Lime base can also work well a good option if you have pets and a rubber crumb base is also a good option under artificial grass.

Do The Grass Yard install artificial grass?

No, The Grass Yard are suppliers, we will never compete with our trade customers The Grass Yard are genuinely grateful and appreciate for everyone of our customers, as such we will never employ or sub contact landscapers or installers, instead we can pass your details to one of our trusted installers and let them do what they do best, create beautiful landscapes!

Can artificial grass be patch repaired? 

Yes, hopefully the need should never arise but accidents happen in which case, no drama your artificial lawn could be repaired.

Sand infill or not on top of an artificial lawn?

This one comes up time and time again, honest answer depends who you speak to, for every person says there should be an infill you will find another who swears blind there shouldn't. There are good reasons for both, a layer of sand will add weight helping keep the artificial grass in place, on the very hottest days will absorb some of the heat on the other hand that same sand will also absorb any pet/dog urine which can lead to foul smells and it will also act as a bed for weeds to germinate in, we would opt to not use sand infill, does the weather get sufficiently hot often enough for that to be a concern, probably not in Scotland anyway, as for keeping the grass in place if installed correctly there should be no need for the extra weight so the downside, weeds and potential smells just aren't worth it in our opinion.

What goes under the artificial grass?

Often an addiotnal layer of Terram or weed membrane will be placed directly under the grass, belt & braces when it comes to weed control as it's in addition to that laid in the base, if the artificial grass is being installed on hard landscaping such as decking or paving then a shock pad would be a good option softs the surface should in one trip, feels nicer under foot.

Can artificial grass be laid on soil? 

Technically you could lay artificial grass on almost any surface but that doesn't mean you should be certainly wouldn't recommend laying artificial grass directly onto soil.

Hire a professional artificial lawn installer or do it DIY?

Artificial grass can be installed DIY however dont underestimate the work involved, stripping out the existing surface and preparing it for the grass is a sizeable task then there will be tons of material to get into the garden for the base before you even get to the grass, is the shape straight forward or a lot of awkward cuts, is there a join in the grass etc all need to be considered. A DIY installation can certainly be done and done well, just make an honest assessment of your ability to carry out both the physical and technical part employing the services of an experienced installer can be priceless!

How to cut artificial grass?

First off a new, sharp blade is essential a blunt blade risks accidents, ideally the grass should be folded back and cut through from the backing trying to cut from the grass side is nigh on impossible, cutting a curve is easiest with a hooked blade and a speed knife such as a cushion back or a Henko are great for cutting a long straight run, a video guide is available also.

Should you roll the artificial grass out prior to installing?

Yes, in an ideal world roll out the artificial grass the night before and let it relax and settle will allow any creases to fall out and make the fitting easier the following day.

Which way round does the artificial grass joining tape go?

The shiny side should be down this will prevent moisture being absorbed up into the adhesive while it cures ensuring a strong joint. 

How is artificial grass held in place? 

There is various ways to secure artificial grass, a concrete haunch and adhesive, tuck & pin, adding a sand infill increases the weight, screwing to a composite or treated timber batten, the chosen method will depend on the individual landscaper and installation all have their merits.

Do I need special tools for installing artificial grass? 

The base installation wont require any specialist tools a lute is great for getting a flat surface other than that barrows, shovels, levels etc, when it comes to laying the artificial grass a sharp blade is essential, hooked blades and speed cutters are a bonus, if you want to get a real taught neat finish a knee kicker is essential.

How do I measure up for an artificial lawn? 

Certainly to start with take the measurements of the width and length at the longest points, if its a complex shape may require further measurements, feel free to take a picture of the area and email us we can help advise on more tricky projects.

Is there a best time of year to lay artificial grass?

The summer can make working with the grass easier as it's more supple, it can be laid all year round cold temperatures will need to be taken into account if using adhesive and also the rain but there is no reason artificial lawns can't be laid Junuary or July.