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Scalloway PU Dog Grass 35mm 120/150m2

Scalloway PU Dog Grass 35mm 120/150m2

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Another special addition to our range, Scalloway Dog Grass is a lovely compliment to our 35mm options. This is a super soft and super dense grass with lots of our favourite brown thatch to the root. So named due to its lush tri-colour appearance; it's an elegant grass that will command admiration in any setting and in any season.

PU backing is a popular option for dog owners, particularly those with large or multiple dogs using the area. Remember that the key to protecting against dog urine smells is mostly in the prepped groundwork and how you look after your artificial grass once laid; but PU backing can help. It is less likely to hold a urine smell than traditional latex backing and can therefore help to minimise the chance of an unpleasant odour. Remember though, that this is just one contributing factor, you should also be considering how you keep the grass clean and protected.

Scalloway Dog Grass is one of the best grasses available for dogs and pets in general.

All our grasses are UV resistant and hypo-allergenic, making them a sensible choice for all family members. 

Available in 2, 4 and 5m widths. 


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